Mysterious Body

Unable to separate form from content. The human body is Mysterious Substance.  

Nothing exists by itself. Things, objects, that which surrounds us – exist in relation to something else. And to someone else. And thus, it should be pointed out that our body and skin react to various manifestations from the outside. The skin is not only the largest, but also the heaviest organ of the human body. Mysterious.

Each photograph is a captured result of body movements, skin movements, – changes in the position of the points of existence of this mysterious substance that identifies us in the world in which we live.

We are unique creatures. The human body breathes, – inhales and exhales time.

Each photograph is black-and-white, which gives the most complete range of shades.

Our skin is our identifier.

Photographing a person, the photographer becomes a witness of its defencelessness in the face of inexorable time. Witness of its Mysterious Substance.

Metamorphoses. N.1, 2019

Metamorphoses. N.2, 2019

Metamorphoses. N.3, 2019
Metamorphoses. N.4, 2019
Metamorphoses. N.5, 2019
Metamorphoses. N.6, 2019
Metamorphoses. N.7, 2019